CHOPIN Technologies specializes in methods and equipment for the quality control of cereals, flours, and their by-products. By investing each year more than 10 percent of its turnover in research and development, CHOPIN Technologies is at the cutting edge of innovation. Its predictive analytical tools allow the determination of moisture, protein and ash content (Infraneo), alpha amylase activity (Amylab FN), milling performance and extraction rate (LabMill), starch damage (SDmatic), dough visco-elastic properties (Alveolab), dough behavior during mixing, proofing and baking (Mixolab and RheoF4).


GlycoSpot is a screening kit company, specialized in measuring enzyme activity in any type of biomaterial.

Enzymes are present in all raw material and have a great influence on how the material can be treated during production. We can screen activity of enzymes, which are active on polysaccharides and proteins and help our customers from different industries:

  • For bakers, we can make substrates out of your flour and help you determine how much amylase there is in your flour,
  • For brewers, we can measure the ratio of alfa and beta-amylase and
  • For bioethanol producers, we can analyze raw biomaterial and thereby optimize pretreatment of your biomass

Our technology is a high-throughput colorimetric screening kit, which is easy to use and ready out-of-the-box. You will have the enzyme activity result in just 1 hour from start to finish. By using GlycoSpot technology, you can save time and money on post-processing and enzymes added.


Brabender, a company founded in 1923 and based in Duisburg, Germany, develops, manufactures and distributes instruments and equipment for the testing of material quality and physical properties in all areas of research, development, production and quality control.

Specialized on solutions for the milling and baking industry, the food business unit of the company offers measuring instruments for flour and dough testing as well as equipment for sample preparation and grain intake. Instruments such as Farino-, Extenso- and Amylograph are using standardized methods (e.g. ICC) which are applied worldwide.

Furthermore, the company’s product portfolio includes laboratory extruders for a practice-oriented simulation of extrusion processes on a laboratory scale.


With 50+ years in business, since inventing the Falling Number and Gluten Index methods, Perten Instruments is a leading supplier globally of innovative quality control solutions for grain, flour, food, feed and more.

Today our solutions include NIR Analyzers for whole grains and flours, third generation Diode Array NIR Analyzers, Rapid Visco Analyser for starch characterization and viscosity measurements, dough rheology systems, as well as Texture Analyzers and Bread Volume Measurements.

The Perten product line is today part of PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader focused on innovating for a healthier world.


Megazyme was founded in 1988 with the specific aim of developing and supplying innovative test kits and reagents for the cereals, food, feed and fermentation industries.  There is a clear need for good, validated methods for the measurement of the polysaccharides and enzymes that affect the quality of plant products from the farm gate to the final food.

The commitment of Megazyme to “Setting New Standards in Test Technology” has been continually recognised over the years, with Megazyme and founder, Dr McCleary receiving a number of business and scientific awards.

Today, Megazyme is a recognised world leader in the development of high quality, innovative test technology for many industries and offers the complete toolbox for all aspects of carbohydrate research.  Over 500 products are available, 80% of which are unique to Megazyme and these are spread across five main categories; Assay kits, Enzymes, Enzyme Substrates, Carbohydrates and Equipment.

Megazyme has its research and manufacturing facilities in Bray, Ireland.  Exports account for over 98% of sales with Megazyme currently shipping to 90 countries spread across every continent. To provide the best customer experience possible, we offer worldwide express delivery with time-stamped tracking on all of our orders and any technical queries on our products are answered by our scientist within 48 hours.

Innovative test methods with exceptional technical support and customer service.

The Megazyme Promise